dimanche 24 août 2008

Un photographe anglais

Un jeune photographe qui crée des toutes petites installations et qui les prend en photos. Un très joli travail plein d'humour britannique et de réflexion sur la société urbaine ... à voir ici et acheter son livre.

un texte sur lui et son travail :


Slinkachu is a mysterious street artist, who either has amazing eyesight or is going to go blind very, very soon. His Little People project involves him leaving paintstakingly detailed tiny plastic models around London and photographing with a really good macro setting.
Violent, alienated or just plain crack whore-ish, Slinkachu's Little People project throws modern life into a darkly comic light and is probably a savage indictment of something or other as well. We're not sure what though. Maybe giants or bricks or something. Who knows.

About the print: The photographs are printed at Goldenshot, who, disappointingly turned out not to be a porno studio but a state of the art printing house who print photographs for Mario Testino and Sam Taylor Woods. Okay, so art porno then. But it's really not the same is it.

The science bit: The prints are imaged on a Oce Lightjet. This is the highest quality continuous tone output device favoured by the fine art world. The paper is Fuji Crystal archive paper in matt surface.

I know. Who knows what any of that's about? Still, sounds good though, doesn't it.