dimanche 24 août 2008

suite de The Selby

toujours le même photographe , là ce que j'aime c'est cette vaisselle. La vaisselle Fiesta qui est aussi classique que la vaisselle Duralex en France.
J'ai trouvé un texte sur son histoire :

The Story of Fiesta

The Homer Laughlin China Company was founded in 1871 when brothers Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin won a $5,000 competition posed by the East Liverpool, Ohio, city council to anyone who would construct a factory that produced whiteware--the trend in ceramics at the time. In developing his ceramics company, owner Homer Laughlin's goal was to produce finely crafted dinnerware that was also affordable enough for every family to enjoy. The company had many major milestones, including becoming the first U.S. ceramics manufacturer to produce American china in the mid-1880s. In addition, the Homer Laughlin plant (now in Newell, West Virginia) continued to rapidly progress in technical advancements and expansions until it was the largest domestic pottery manufacturer--an honor that is still true today. The company's greatest achievement, however, is the creation of its popular Fiesta line in 1935. Many of the early art deco shapes have become highly valuable to both collectors and museums, but--true to Homer Laughlin's mission--Fiesta is still produced today for everyday use at affordable prices.