jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Paris-Photo #3

Alice, 2008
carbon, pigment print on rice paper
139,5 X 91 cm, edition of 3

À la galerie Frank Elbaz, ce photographe Ari Marcopoulos

Ari Marcopoulos (born 1957) is an Amsterdam-born photographer and filmmaker, living and working in New York and California. As a photographer, film artist and adventurist, Marcopoulos, who began his career in New York City assisting Andy Warhol, transplants himself into the intimate lives of people living on the edge. Artists, snowboarders, musicians and skateboarders have been both muses and commercial subject-matter throughout his quarter century career as a photographer. His stunning landscapes and playful portraiture offer a dramatic take on every day life, and a glimpse into all things awesome. The Berkeley Art Museum presented Marcopoulos’s first mid-career survey in the United States in 2010.
source wikipédia
Une interview du photographe en anglais, ici